RTI-8 Pertaining To TGT (Trained Graduate Teachers) Vacancies. (Failure In Filling Available Employment Opportunities)

Keeping aside the failure of AAP in creating new jobs and providing employment opportunities to the youths, AAP has also failed miserably in filling up the existing vacancies. 

As per the RTI attached below, there are 15,587 vacancies for TGTs in Delhi. It is ironical these vacancies exist despite countless TGTs asking to be made permanent. The Delhi government has been reluctant to provide employment and fill these existing vacancies. 2,000 guest TGTs protested outside Education Minister Manish Sisodia’s residence for 3 days in March 2019, asking to be made permanent.


AAP came to power in 2015 with the promise of creating 8 lakh jobs in Delhi. By 2020, it managed to provide 440 jobs. Forget creating new jobs, the AAP government has neglected to fill the existing vacancies in Government jobs. While nearly 14 lakh registered unemployed individuals in Delhi languish in search of a job, Arvind Kejriwal is busy promoting “Delhi’s Employment Model” in other states. Meanwhile, lakhs of constituents, after experiencing Unemployment Rates of 45.6 per cent, seem to have dropped out of the job market altogether.

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