RTI-6 Debunking Delhi Employment Model

The AAP is constantly trying to sell the Delhi employment and growth model across India but the figures reveal a different story. It is one of the fake promises used by the AAP to fool people. The unemployment rate (UR) in the national capital has reached as high as 45% The data released by the Mumbai-based Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) pointed out that the UR jumped to a whopping 45.6% in May 2021 [1]. In September 2021, the UR of Delhi stood at 16.8%, or more than double the All-India UR of 6.9% [2].

As per RTI-6 in July 2021, the registered unemployed on Rozgar Bazaar Job Portal in the state of Delhi is 13,97,977. AAP is promising employment and job opportunities across India when there are 14 lakh unemployed in Delhi itself, a number which is close to the entire population of the state of Goa.

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