RTI-5 Debunking The Claim Of Clean Yamuna And Clean Rivers Around The State And Exposing STP Scam

The AAP government keeps harping on its environment policy and steps taken by them to solve Delhi’s pollution crisis. But the following RTI reveals the AAP’s lack of intention when it comes to addressing Delhi’s pollution woes. 

In January 2021, the AAP government issued a statement saying that it will take about 5 years to upgrade sewage treatment plants to reduce the problem of foaming in the Yamuna [1]. However, six years ago, in November 2015, Arvind Kejriwal had promised to clean and revive the Yamuna in 5 years. The AAP government has missed several deadlines to clean the Yamuna river. Delhi generates 720 million gallons per day (MGD) of sewage, the Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) have a capacity of 597.26 MGD. Of the total capacity, 514.2 MGD is utilized (86%), leaving about 123 MGD of untreated sewage into the river, according to the DJB. The DJB had told the National Green Tribunal’s (NGT) monitoring panel that it will increase the utilization of the existing STPs to 99% by June 2019, but more than two years after the deadline, it remains at 86%.

As per RTI-5 page-1,there were 30 STPs in 2015 and as of July 2021, there are 35 STPs. The AAP government built only five STPs in six years. As it is the habit of Arvind Kejriwal to put the consequences of his misgovernance on others, he would say that the central government did not pay enough money to build STPs. However, the RTI shows that the central government has given ₹900 Crores since 2015 for the setting-up of new STPs in Delhi.

The Delhi government received the following amount from the Union Government for new STPs.

  1. The Union government under Yamuna Action Plan Phase III has given the Delhi government ₹623.50 crores.
  2. For creating 70 MGD capacity Coronation Pillar the Union Government gave ₹185 Crores under the Namami Gange project.
  3. For setting up STPs in Najafgarh ₹45.20 Crores was given to Delhi government in July 2017.


The AAP government has stated on record that even after receiving funds of about ₹623.50 Crores, there is NO improvement in the condition of Yamuna. The AAP government, in 2021, says that it requires 5 more years to upgrade STPs to reduce frothing in Yamuna river, after Arvind Kejriwal promised to do so back in 2015. Despite being in power for over 6 years now, there has been no progress. The AAP government has missed several deadlines set by the NGT to increase utilisation of existing STP capacity. Where has the money been used? After receiving such a huge amount, the Delhi government is accountable as to what the amount was used for, if not building new STPs. 

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