RTI-4 Debunking The Claim Of Tap Water To Every House

The Kejriwal government had promised to provide tap water to every house, however, even today, one-fourth of all households in Delhi don’t have a drinking water pipeline. Only 5% of households in a few neighborhoods in Delhi have access to 24x7 water supply [1]. Lack of access to piped water, coupled with erratic water supply and undependable Government water tankers, forces the people of Delhi to resort to the ‘tanker mafia’ or ‘water mafia’ that is known to overcharge for water of dubious quality [2] [3]. RTI-4, below, shows the expense behind Water Tankers by Delhi Jal Board since 2015.

Firstly, this RTI debunks AAP’s claim of providing tap water to all households in Delhi, because if that were the case, then it would not have spent ₹578 crores on water tankers since 2015.

Secondly, it is clear from the RTI-4 that the DJB under AAP has been hiring the same water supplying tanker companies every year since the AAP first came to power in 2013. Either the tanker companies are fake or there is wrongdoing in issuing tanker tenders. All of this points towards a water tanker scam being committed by AAP.

Conclusion of Water RTIs

Ever since the AAP came to power, it claimed to have provided free water to the people of Delhi. But the reality is far from it. Despite large grant-in-aids and loans to the DJB, Delhi still lacks water infrastructure facilities with people getting contaminated drinking water and needing to rely on water tankers. When an RTI requested the DJB's financial accounts, it was revealed that the AAP government failed to maintain financial accounts of DJB since 2015. The huge loan amount of ₹29472.51 Crores and grant-in-aids of ₹8036.72 Crores have gone unaudited as AAP has not prepared the balance sheet of DJB since 2015.  This reflects the AAP government’s inefficiency and lack of accountability towards the residents of Delhi.

The unaudited Delhi Jal Board is under huge debts totaling about fifty thousand crore as revealed in RTI 1, 2 and 3 and is unable to pay the loan back or the interest on loans. Ultimately, this burden will be transferred to taxpayers. In the guise of providing ‘free water,’ there seem to be all indications of a scam by the AAP.

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