RTI-3 Debunking the Claim of Free Water and Exposing Unaudited Grants

From the above RTIs, it is clear that a public entity was pushed into debt by AAP since 2015. The total grants-in-aid given by Delhi Government to DJB is ₹8036.72 crores. These huge grants have gone unaudited as the financial accounts of DJB have not prepared since 2015, as revealed in RTI-1. AAP and Kejriwal must answer: Where were these huge amounts of grants used?

The table below will make it easy to understand the RTI-3

Even after receiving grant and loan amounts of about ₹16981.10 Crores, Delhi lacks water infrastructure. The people of Delhi have regularly been getting contaminated water due to the lack of infrastructure, leading to sewage water getting mixed with drinking water [1] . The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) ranked Delhi’s tap water as the most unsafe in the country [2]. Delhi’s Water Supply-Demand Gap has only grown under the AAP government [3], and Delhi loses upto 45% of water every year due to leakages or theft [4]. The grants could have been utilized for building better infrastructure facilities and providing clean tap water to the people of Delhi.

Another testament of Delhi's lack of infrastructure facilities is that, even now, many people in Delhi receive water through tankers instead of tap water. While the DJB is supposed to provide water tankers to the public for free in case of water unavailability, due to unreliable service, people are forced to pay for private tankers [5]. The next RTI-4 will prove this claim and expose AAP’s promise of providing tap water to the people of Delhi.

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