RTI-2 Exposing The Debt-Ridden Public Entity - The Delhi Jal Board

The RTI-2 below shows that loans worth thousands of crores have been given to the Delhi Jal Board by the Government of Delhi in recent years. Column 4 of the RTI response discloses the total amount of loans given to DJB year on year. The total loan disbursed by the Delhi government to DJB from 2015 to 2021 is about ₹8944.38 crores. Column 7 reveals the interest on the outstanding amount year-wise. The total interest due from 2015 to 2021 is about ₹17535.96 crores. If we see Column 5 and 8 in the RTI below, it is shocking to see that neither the loan nor the interest on these loans since 2015 have been repaid. Large sums of loan and interest have gone unaudited since 2015 as seen in RTI-2.

The Kejriwal government had promised free water to the state but is hiding the consequences of this fake promise. The free water scheme to fool the people of Delhi has turned a profitable public entity like DJB into a debt-ridden entity where thousands of crores of funds have gone unaudited.

The table below will make it easy to understand the RTI-2:

As seen in the table, the loan given to DJB from 2015 to 2021 is ₹8944.38 crores and as seen in the interest outstanding column, the total outstanding interest from 2015 to 2021 is ₹17535.96. As highlighted in the RTI, the total loan outstanding since 1999 is ₹29472.51 and the total progressive interest due for DJB since 1999 is ₹28423.32 crores. It is worth noting that while it took a period of 16 years, between 1999-2015, for the DJB to accumulate loans of ₹19000 crores, only 6 years of the AAP government resulted in loans of ₹9000 crores. It also must be noted that out of the total loan and interest outstanding amounting to ₹57895.83, more than half has accumulated within 6 years of AAP government and has been unaudited since 2015 as revealed in RTI-1. This huge burden will be transferred to the taxpayers sooner or later. The next RTI reveals that not just the loan and interest but grants provided to DJB since 2015 have gone unaudited.

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