RTI-14 Appeasement politics Pertaining To Honorarium To Muslim Imams And Moazzins

While Kejriwal accuses the BJP of bringing policies to appease and benefit only Hindus, he is first-in-line when it comes to appeasing the Muslim community, and RTI-14  proves that.

The honorarium paid to Imams and Moazzins has increased threefold in just one financial year. The ₹2 Crore honorarium paid in 2018-19 was increased to ₹9 Crore in 2019-20. In just one year, the honorarium suddenly increased by ₹7 Crore. The honorarium of ₹10 Crores paid in 2020-21 is unaudited as of August 2021. This RTI exposes AAP’s appeasement politics.

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